You had me at hello. Leather had ZOOM at hello. 

Do you notice that most of ZOOM creations are leather strap watches?

It directly reflects on how deeply we love leather, every kind of it.



Leather is really hard to keep it flawless. 

Yet, it is like a diary which can faithfully record everything you’ve experienced.

eather, habits, daily routine,

you are always able to notice a stain or mark symbolizes your life track.



It is easy to be attracted by charm of leather strap,

and we also know that leather is hard to maintain; 

but its beauty is unique which can be fashioned by time you've spent with it.



The procedure of leather variation over time is not romantic at all, 

but you would be glad to see that happen, 

because a watch combines time and leather,

also combines you and love.


The REFINE series...