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Spring Sales 春奢漫遊 全館9折



Dawn, sunlight,twilight and dusk, natural light is always incomparable and unartificial art in our life. 

Have you ever dreamed to collect that marvelous beauty?






And that’s why we create the Side-Convex Glass (SCG); we make the glass present distinct light and shade effect when the light enters from different angles in various times.




The Side-Convex Glass (SCG) is the painstaking product under countless sketches, samples and modifications, the bending angle, glass thickness and magnitude… 

numerous vital elements are contained and considered for creating it. 




We know that creation is never easy,but we’ll consistently explore and try,just for providing you the best we can do.




We just hope you know that its particularity is a concretization,which we made a lot of effort on realizing the imagination.





From our FLOATING 3838 to HALO 3870,

from 2015 to 2018,

 We’ve set up the world of Side-Convex Glass (SCG)and there is no doubt that we’ll continuously be working hard on this.



The SCG series...